Focus on your reselling business.

Not manual data entry.
Track inventory, sales and expenses without spreadsheets.

manual data entries

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We’re slowly giving access to resellers to try out an early version of our platform.

Key Features

Save time. Maximize profits.

Intuitive Dashboard

Replace spreadsheets and endless browser tabs.

Make better decisions with valuable insights

Clearly see cash flow, what’s selling most, and plan for the future.

Numbers matter

Instantly see how your business is performing using the dashboard and financial reports.

Stay ahead of the curve

See where you stand with real-time data that help make day-to-day decisions.


Inventory Management

Easily track the value of all your products across multiple marketplaces.

Effortless organization

Add single items or bulk upload an entire list from Google Docs, CSV or Excel Spreadsheet.

Stay on top of your numbers

Real-time price tracking and valuation from different marketplaces

Updated anytime, anywhere

Manage your inventory on any computer, tablet, iOS or Android device.

Finance Tracker

Manage one-time or recurring assets and expenses.

Track expenses and income effortlessly

See what's coming in and what's going out with an income statement.

Clearly see your financials

Avoid surprises by easily tracking cash flow and reporting on your dashboard.

Multi-currency support

Record transactions in multiple currencies CAD, USD, GBP and EUR.

Phone Mail

Alert System

Get notified only when it matters most.

Multi-channel delivery

Receive text, email and push notifications to any of your devices.

Gain an edge

Maximize profits by setting more than one alerts based on different triggers.

Replace hours of time lost stalking charts

Set price limits to find the best time to buy or sell.

Simple, transparent pricing.

It’s how you run a reselling business.


For organizing every corner of your business.

$0/ mo
  • 15 inventory items
  • 2 price alerts
  • Finance Tracker
  • Sync across devices
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All the benefits of Free +

$7/ mo
  • 50 inventory items
  • 5 price alerts
  • 2 recurring finances
  • 1 social feed (coming soon)


All the benefits of Basic +

$19/ mo
  • Unlimited inventory items
  • 10 price alerts
  • 15 recurring finances
  • 3 social feeds (coming soon)


All the benefits of Standard +

$29/ mo
  • Unlimited inventory items
  • Unlimited price alerts
  • Unlimited recurring finances
  • 5 social feeds (coming soon)
  • Priority support
  • Access new features early


Why should you join the waitlist?

By joining our waitlist, you gain early access to unlimited features on the platform. We want to thank you for helping us early in our journey to make reselling easy and hassle-free for everyone.

When will Pricely be available?

We are planning our beta release in the next few weeks. Join our waitlist and and be the first to receive an early access to the platform.

Are you planning to add more features?

Absolutely! We're continuously working to make Pricely a better tool for resellers. Our main priority is help you make bigger profits by removing the struggles of managing inventory and tracking prices across multiple marketplaces.

How can I join the conversation?

We'd love to hear your feedback! Tell us about the struggles your having with your reselling business. Tweet us @PricelyHQ or join our Discord for anything support, questions or just to chat.

Limited early access

Are you a reseller? We're giving out limited early access to try out our platform.