More time is more money!

It's simple.

Make better decisions with valuable insights

See cash flow, what’s selling most and top brands.

Numbers matter

You need to know how your business is performing.

Stay ahead of the curve

Real-time data that help make day-to-day decisions.
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Live market prices.

Anywhere, anytime!

Real-time prices across marketplaces

Inventory price tracking from different marketplaces.

Stay on top of your numbers

Manage inventory from computer, tablet, iOS or Android device.

Effortless organization

Add single items or bulk upload from Excel Spreadsheet.

Track sales and related costs

Everything's in one place.

Summarized income statement

Stop guessing; you need to see the money coming in and out.

Track sale related expenses

Easily track shipping, bots, ads and any other sales cost.

Multi-currency support

Record transactions in multiple currencies CAD, USD, GBP and EUR.
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Multiple Themes Available


Light Theme

Default theme available in the basic plan.

Dark Theme

Custom theme available in standard and premium plans.

Unicorn Theme

Custom theme made with 💜 available in premium plan.
Phone Mail

Alerts: Get Notified Only When It Matters Most

We can call, text or email

Receive text, email and push notifications to any of your devices.

Gain an edge

Stop guessing when to buy or sell. We'll notify you.

Replace hours of time lost stalking charts

Set price limits to find the best time to buy or sell.

Get early access

We’re slowly giving resellers access to try out an early version of our platform.